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An anthology of poetry and short stories by Us Mob Writing members completed in 2017. With an introduction by Jeanine Leane, the people showcased include: Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Michelle Bedford, Yullara Reed, Chella Godwin, Samia Goudie, Brenda Gifford, Barrina South, Marissa McDowell, Joyce Graham, Samantha Faulkner and me.


I only have 16 copies of these and once they're gone, it's done.


One of these copies is already signed for Christmas by Michelle, Sam and myself. If you'd like that one please note it. First in gets it.


When checking out, be sure to 'Add a note' if:

  • you'd like me to sign it
  • you have a special message for a loved one, please include it
  • you plan to arrange pick-up (ACT and surrounds only), please include your location and your best contact information to organise this

Too Deadly: our voice, our way, our business

  • If you need this before Christmas, please order on or before 15 December. No new orders will go out from 16 December until 3 January 2020.

  • All sales are final, no returns accepted. 

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