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I didn't Ghost you! (unless you're my PhD)

I didn't ghost the blog, I'm just terrified of it. Attempt number two at a post and I'm already shaking in my boots. It will be scattered, because that's how my brain feels right now. You have been warned.

It's recently been pointed out to me that I don't tell people what I'm up to most of the time. So, I've decided to add a portfolio section to the website, as well as a page just for Ghost Bird. I've been getting the most amazing reviews and I'm so proud and excited. Keep an eye out for those in the new year.

Top of my pile right now is reading a PhD novel for a friend. And writing my own PhD novel.

Oh God. The PhD novel.

I've changed my mind four times in the last 3 years. The first draft is due on 15 December, and I only have 13,000 words. I'm only writing this blog right now because it's less scary than the novel.

Which leads me to my new title. I officially claim my rightful place as the Queen of Procrastination.

Don't believe me? Check out my Facebook page. Rather than write that novel, I've knitted a blanket, created a 2020 diary, played around with two podcast ideas and begun raising bees.

Yes. I am insane.

I've been listening to the podcast, Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert, over and over again. Not all of it. Just Episode 207. It's all about the pain of writing the second book. It speaks to my soul. (It also includes Neil Gaiman, so no wonder!)

Don't get me wrong, I have been working. Just not on the most important thing.

Two days ago I smashed out the final edit of Washpool in eleven hours. In a single day. I was a complete and utter zombie as a result, but it was worth it.

Why can't I do that with the PhD novel?!?

Being the clever people you are, you've no doubt noticed that technically, Washpool, is my second novel. True. But it happened slowly, over years. And more importantly, long before Ghost Bird came out. So it doesn't have the same pressure on it that a second book traditionally has.

Oh, total tangent. Sending Washpool back made me realise that my time with black&write! is coming to an end. I'm really sad to say goodbye to Grace, Jaz and Allanah. It has been the most amazing experience, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone! As the ladies reminded me though, we will no doubt still see each other around the traps.

And it's definitely not all bad news. After this edit is finalised, off it will go to Robert at Hachette. Fingers crossed.

Back to the point of this post: I've been doing all kinds of work that has popped up. An editing job here. A writing job there. Anything and everything but write my novel.

I went to the Small Publishers Conference in Melbourne last month. Aboriginal Studies Press (my fabulous former team) sponsored me to travel down and I got to sit on a panel with a brilliant group of women, and run my own workshop. And I did my first ever bookshop tour, signing copies of Ghost Bird! Scary scary scary, fun fun fun.

I had my launch.

My launch was everything I could've asked for. But you'll have to go over to Facebook to see the live stream at Muse, the video my uber talented cousins made, and all the photos. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

I've also had my first official request to do a school visit, and to attend a festival. Both in 2020. I'll put it all up on the Events page when they're locked in. I'm also excited yet terrified about that too.

I always knew fear was something to chase but this is getting ridiculous.

Listing all that procrastination is making my guts churn with guilt so I have to leave it there. The second novel is calling... and I'll start, as soon as I make myself another coffee.

Wish me luck, cos I'm gonna need it!

L xo

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